It’s hard not to categorize all men into a box. When all your experiences with them and all the experiences of the people around you with them, seem to be negative. While I know not all men are the same, I sometimes like to write from a place where I view them all as such. Here’s to females relating to other females through the shared experiences of dealing with men who don’t know what they want & the ones who drag you along while they figure it out 🍻 

Did you get what you needed 

I know what it feels like to need the attention of someone 

Did you need more than what I could give 

How many people have you gone through

I wonder if you’ve stayed up at night wondering if you were ever good enough 

Have you ever cried at the thought that you were never going to be easy to love 

Better yet I wonder if you ever think about love as deeply as I do 

Like do you care if you ever get the chance to experience something bigger than yourself

Do you ever think about the people you’ve hurt 

Do you ever wonder about me