The problem with writing is that It takes you to places that you don’t want to revist. It makes you painfully aware of how sad you didn’t realize you were. I try to avoid it sometimes, months turn into years but eventually I always end up  writing. No amount of alcohol or drugs can keep me from spilling my feelings out. No matter how busy I try to stay, I am constantly reminded of how deeply I feel.

  When you avoid part of who you are it goes on to later allienate you from others. The others who have yet to see all aspects of you. It creates a vicious cycle of feeling like you don’t belong. I’d like to think we are all writers, that if we shared our stories with one another we’d find that we have more in common than just music and people. We’d discover how we both plan out conversations in our heads with people we’ve never spoken to, incase the circumstance should arise.

 For the most part I try not to hide who I am, but it’s hard to be transparent when you’re constantly told that the transparency you seek is a flaw. 


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