Sisterhood is magic  

Warning :⚠️ 

The following is written as I suffer from menstrual cramps. My lower abdomen hurts, I am hungry but can’t eat (if I do I will Inevitably puke). To put it simply I am in pain and I am angry so what I’ve written is a reflection of that anger

It’s easy to judge and question the actions that many women take. It’s understandable to wonder why we are the way that we are. Before you try to dismiss us as “crazy” you have to remember that from a young age girls are taught to shrink themselves down to be accepted. 

Social media and pop culture portrays women as overly emotional beings, so as we get older we start to worry when these emotions begin to show. We try to play things off, act like we aren’t hurt when really we are. We stop ourselves from reacting in the only one of two ways we’ve been depicted as. We refuse to be hurt and damaged women who cry over men. We exhale to control the rage that wants to boil over, hoping to avoid the role of the crazy female who is ready to slash a mans tires. Rather than to give into the expectations, we try to fool ourselves into believing that we are okay. 

It’s not until later on when we can no longer keep up the charade that we end up breaking down to the only people we can truly be ourselves with. Our best friends and the relationships we have with our female sisters is nothing less than magic. It provides us with truth,honesty, and safety. We can be ourselves without fear of judgment. You can find yourself crying ,yelling, and laughing all in the span of a few minutes. They can handle us when weak men can’t. They have felt the same familiar struggles and know the importance of being allowed to feel.In a group of my female counterparts I have never felt the need to shrink myself down and for that I am forever grateful.


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