Vanessa Escamilla

Who is Vanessa Escamilla you ask? Well besides being one of my great friends she so happens to be a very talented human being. Vanessa is strong, Independent, and ridiculously talented. You don’t know her yet, but trust me when I say she will be a very well known name in the film industry. Right now she’s a college undergraduate working on small projects, but I can’t wait to see where her talents take her. Be sure to read a short review she wrote….

If you are reading this all I ask is that you please support your friends and their endeavors, we need to build each other up and support each other’s dreams. They don’t even gotta be your friends, just be supportive of those around you. Ya never know who might need a little encouragement or the places people could go if only someone showed a little intrest in their aspirations.✨


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