To my friends 

Warning :⚠️ 

The following is written as I suffer from menstrual cramps. My lower abdomen hurts, I am hungry but can’t eat (if I do I will Inevitably puke). To put it simply I am in pain and I am angry so what I’ve written is a reflection of that anger.

 If they want to come up with reasons for their inability to make up their mind about you then let them. While they are deciding and weighing out the options that their delusional minds think they have, start walking, leave, let them keep “thinking” by themselves.

 You are too damn fly to wait around for some guy to step his half ass game up. Know that if they couldn’t keep up with you then, while you were simply standing still then what were they planning on doing when you started moving? You can’t drag people along, they have to want to go and honey they should know by now if they want to go.

 You deserve to be wanted, you deserve some fucking effort, and if they can’t even reply to your text message then fuck them.

See they don’t know we were raised to be strong. How we were told it was good to be vulnerable at times. How we listened, when our mothers taught us  the importance of giving. 

 Not all us women were taught to love the same way. Some of us were shown love early on and learned through examples. Some of us had to teach ourselves. My god did we have to teach ourselves. 

We worked towards it. Looked to movies, books, poetry, listend to the experiences of others. Self love and love for others  did not come easy to us. 

They will never understand how more than willing we are to give them every ounce of knowledge we’ve acquired. 

  • So be strong enough to walk away
  • know there’s no shame in being hurt
  •  you will learn to be vulnerable again 
  • It’s okay to take a break
  • But don’t be afraid of starting over 

I know you’re tired of giving so much of yourself away but you’re strong and you’ve survived worse.


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