Letter to an ex

The following were bits and pieces taken from a hand written letter I wrote (this is not the full letter). The original words are written on a front and back piece of binder paper. That currently reside inside of an envelope somewhre inšŸ“Toronto

I no longer own these words & I no longer feel these feelings but I do hope one day he accomplishes what I hoped he would….

 ” I write to say goodbye. I don’t hate you, I simply don’t understand you and I don’t think I ever will. I truly and with all of my heart wish nothing but the best for you. I want you to one day be filled with so much happiness you can’t contain it. I want you to feel so confident in your own skin that you help others feel confident in theirs. I want you to act selflessly and do things for others even when they can’t return the favor. I want all these things for you and more becauseI know you are capable of achieving them.I want you to know that I will always remember you very fondly and believe me when I say I won’t forget you . I meant it when I said you made me feel safe, but now it’s time I do that for myself. “


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