Get out of your own head & allow yourself to be great

I am not afraid to show you my true self, I am simply afraid that you will not care enough to realize the significance in that.

How many times have we not all bared our hearts and souls to another person with the hopes that they would like what they saw. Only to be left standing there like an open wound.

I often wonder how it’s possible to be such a confident person but the minute you start to develop feelings for another person, that confidence is dwindled.

The idea that I am not good enough, That the things I am interested in are somehow not enough to keep someone entertained begin to creep into my head.

How is it possible to  maintain my sanity while trying to convince someone to lose theirs over me.

It becomes  hard to remember that someones affection and their actions towards us are not an affirmation of our worth. We shine regardless of whether or not they notice.



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