Crap days 

You are allowed to feel angry towards family and friends.

You are allowed to be fed up and tired of being put through the same shit, time and time again.

You are allowed to cry over political policies that affect you and even those that don’t.

Your feelings and your opinions matter, even if you sometimes chose to keep them to yourself.


Para todas las mujeres que se hartaron de esperar y decidieron por ellas mismas.

Para todas las mujeres que no estuvieron seguras si la decisión fue la correcta.

Pero más que todo, para las mujeres que les valió madre.

Estas pa ti, pa ella, pa todas nosotras.

How many people feel alone

Wishing they had someone to be completely vulnerable with

Tired of holding everything in & feeling dishonest for doing so

scream, yell, knock things over

I will hold you close

join in on your sleepless nights

listen as you crumple

I promise to stay within arms reach

I’m here when you are ready to try again

I have no intentions of leaving

Mi gente no tiene miedo

Hemos sobrevivido peor trajedias

Somos un pueblo de luchadores

Siempre teníamos que luchar

el gobierno de los Estados Unidos se aseguró de eso

hoy sigue siendo cualquier otro dia

la batalla continua

no me siento completa sin mi arma siempre cargada

” I write to say goodbye. I don’t hate you, I simply don’t understand you and I don’t think I ever will. I truly and with all of my heart wish nothing but the best for you. I want you to one day be filled with so much happiness you can’t contain it. I want you to feel so confident in your own skin that you help others feel confident in theirs. I want you to act selflessly and do things for others even when they can’t return the favor. I want all these things for you and more becauseI know you are capable of achieving them.I want you to know that I will always remember you very fondly and believe me when I say I won’t forget you . I meant it when I said you made me feel safe, but now it’s time I do that for myself. ”